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Keeping small amounts of money in your pocket to pay for things makes sense. But holding larger amounts is risky as there is a chance your money could get lost or stolen.

Credit cards let you borrow money from a bank, a building society or another lender to pay for goods and services up front. You then pay back the money over a longer period of time, with a little interest added on top – think of it like a short-term loan tied to a piece of plastic.

This experience has provided us with unrivaled insights into the challenges faced in scaling and surviving as a law firm; when combined with our technical experience, places us at the number one go-to partner for your business.


Pensions are long term investments. You may get back less than you originally paid in because your capital is not guaranteed and charges may apply.

Interest Rate

What is an interest rate? Interest is the cost of borrowing money typically expressed as an annual percentage of the loan. For savers it is effectively the rate your bank or building society will pay you for borrowing your money. The money you earn on your savings is called interest.

Some Projects We Handled

Part of my job is to juggle. Have you ever felt that way? Because I work at a planning intelligence company, I get to let our software manage a good deal of my workplace chaos. But each workplace has its own special form of randomization, and I find myself split between tasks like every other working person.

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